Technical and Professional Recognition Committee Announcement

The Technical and Professional Recognition Committee is responsible for the evaluation of all petitions for the Honor of Fellow and for recommending qualified petitioners to the Board of Directors. The Committee makes the final selection for all petitions for the Edgar Monsanto Queeny Safety Professional of the Year and Dr. William E. Tarrants Outstanding Safety Educator Award.

Society’s SPY honor is awarded only once per annum to selected one only ASSE member, who has proved making significant contributions and has accomplished remarkable successes in making a difference in the society’s Mission of protecting people, property and environment. This includes the individual’s time and efforts exerted in over and above to his or her normal work duties and responsibilities i.e. sacrificing his or her personal, professional, commercial and family time voluntarily with full dedication, commitment and hard work.

This individual is honored at the Society’s annual PDC in front of several thousand HSE specialists and corporate executives. It is indeed a HUGE honor!

I am proud to share with you all that this year’s recipient of the society’s Safety Professional of the Year, who would be bestowed upon with this most prestigious and deserving honor is from Region 2 belonging to the AZ Chapter. May I have a pleasure and honor of shaking hand with, one and only, our Region 2 Vice President Tim-Page Bottorff.