Free Webinar on Innovative Environmental Technologies- A Safer and Faster Vitrification for Oil Spills

All OSH practicing specialists are invited to take advantage of a webinar on Innovative Environmental Technologies dealing with – A Safer and Faster Vetrification for Oil Spills.

The presentation has a much wider applicability to spills of other chemical compounds as well! The webinar organized by Global Region is free to all, which will take place on March 29 from 9 till 10AM CST. I would share the details with the Chapter President and the Board to display on the Chapter Website and possibly forward it to membership.

ASSE Region IX (Global) Professional Development Webinar Series #3

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Innovative Environmental Technologies- A Safer and Faster Vitrification for Oil Spills 

March 29, 2018

11.00 CST

Whether you are drilling and refining oil, transporting it, fueling barges, or using it in machinery, oil spills happen. When they do, how would you like to react? Most often contaminated soils are dug up and sent for remediation. Less often are spills treated on-site. Nevertheless, in-situ and ex-situ remediation take energy and time to alleviate a spill’s effects. Is there a better way? Titan Source 1 asks the audience to instead imagine a single-step chemical that is instantly bonds to hydrocarbon chains in polymeric chains, advances oxidation, and finally vitrifies the material. The result is a sterile, inert soil that has been remediated in-situ and is devoid of hydrocarbon traces in under 72 hours. This opens the prospect of rapid oil spill remediation to emergency first responders, commercial industry, and municipal paved surfaces without the need for multiple steps. We also present preliminary next stage work involving the tuning of our compounds to service a wider array of chemical spills.


About Rupal S. Amin, Ph.D.

Rupal Amin has over 20 years of experience in research and development.  Much of his background is based in physics research but extends into chemistry and exotic materials.  Rupal spent over 10 years with the LIGO project developing advanced techniques to unravel fundamental issues and technical issues at the LIGO Livingston detector.  During his tenure as a consultant with CalTech, he directly managed the education of laser safety for key personnel and rebuilt the laser safety standards to reflect ANSI protocols.

In 2011, Rupal joined Louisiana State University and works on multiple aspects of the university’s synchrotron light source, the LSU CAMD an electron storage ring.  There, he effectively provides guidance for machine characterization, personnel safety, diagnostics, and provides education for the public on behalf of the department.  In his spare time, he collaborates with fellow staff members at the CAMD facility, NASA-JSC, and Harvard on exotic materials and compounds and their potential application to practical problems.

In 2013, he collaborated with Steve Lancaster in a company associated with the US Department of Energy Mentor Protégé program and directed their renewable energy and remediation solutions.  He worked on 12 separate projects with this company ranging from shipping port development to hydraulic fracture fluid [water] remediation to soil remediation.

In 2016, Dr. Rupal Amin and Steve Lancaster collaborated to form Titan Source 1 to develop their various innovations and bring their solutions to industry.

About Stephen Lancaster

Stephen Lancaster has over 35 years of experience in the implementation and oversight of Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) programs in commercial electrical power plants.  He has provided both technical and managerial support to many of the United States commercial power plants and United States Department of Energy (USDOE) sites.  His experience ranges from technician to Project Manager overseeing up to 250 employees.  He has authored technical and administrative procedures.

In 2004, he established Lancaster Services Inc.  He has grown the company from a single employee to a multi-million-dollar company that now provides a full array of Environmental, and Industrial Safety support from technicians to Program Managers (PM), Industrial Hygiene from technicians to PM’s, Training and testing for the above, Program development, oversight.  Additionally, he and his employees perform independent (third party) program assessments and audits. He developed and implemented all administrative programs to support the successful management of LSI.

With a strong ESH background, it made perfect sense to join forces with Dr. Rupal Amin in the development of what we think is the best product for remediating oil spills and founding Titan Source 1, as our delivery system.

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